About us

Hola! I'm glad you found my candles interesting and are visiting my website. Keep on reading to learn more about me and how I started in on this candle making aventura.

My name is Estefany and I was raised in Arizona alongside two sisters (middle child here, please don't judge). I have two beautiful children that keep up with all my candle chaos and are truly my biggest fans! Especially my daughter Isabella who helps in any way she can.

I got into candle making in 2017. At first, it was just to try something new. I remember I bought $10 worth of candle stuff from OfferUp. Crazy right? I couldn’t even tell you the wax I used, wick types, dyes, fragrances, or anything. I made candles here and there, off and on until 2019. I really started reading, researching, watching videos, and got hooked. All of my candles have bilingual themed names and tag lines. I wanted to create a product I could relate to, and by incorporating my Latinx culture I was able to do that! 

Since our first day in business, Velitas has been offering our customers quality soy wax candles. We work tirelessly to produce funny and unique candles. Maybe you'll relate to one, or several! Check it out and start shopping today!