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The perfect gag gift for when your friend is feeling down. Made of natural soy wax, these pene shaped wax melts will release the aroma of banana nut bread throughout your home, leaving an unforgettable scent. Excellent addition for bridal showers, birthdays, bachelorette parties, you name it! Get a whiff of these nutz, I mean banana nut bread wax melts!

  • 8 shaped melts - 3oz
  • Place 1-2 melts in your wax warmer; discard wax from warmer once fragrance dissipates ; add in new melts to warmer
  • Paraben & phthalate free
  • Products are shipped out within 5-7 days and delivered by USPS within 2 days. 

The fragrance used for this candle is FREE OF: carcinogens (agents that can cause cancer), mutagens (material that can change the DNA of a cell and can cause diseases like cancer), reproductive toxins (toxins that affect reproductive organs & increase risk of birth defects), organ toxins (toxins that can cause adverse affects or disease within specific bodily organs), and acute toxins (toxins that can cause adverse affects).